Julia and I have dealt in real people, real homes, and real numbers for over 30 years, so it did not surprise us this week when Zillow announced that they had lost over $300 million in just a few moths playing the “iBuying” game. Zillow, and other companies like them, buy homes sight unseen based on an algorithm’s judgment of fair price. Sellers are made a single offer, no strings, that they can accept or turn down.

Well, how can a bunch of programmers and computers for a company based in Seattle have any idea what is happening on the ground where you want to live? Forget artificial intelligence. Let’s talk about individual intelligence. A machine that is programmed by people who have their own goals cannot make decisions for you. It can inform your decision, but only your individual intelligence will know what is right.

A home’s financial value is unpredictable because its personal value is timeless. It is where we choose to have a family and watch them grow. Where we choose to celebrate and entertain, enjoy the yard, work, learn and seek solitude. When you walk into your home, you will hear it sing to you and you will know this is where you were meant to be.

Home ownership is your journey to create a peaceful place to care for yourself and the people you love, not a corporation using faulty logic to scoop up whatever they can at whatever price— and maybe manipulating what we all pay on the side.

When Julia and I help people buy or sell homes, we want you to move forward on decisions based on your own feelings and intelligence because that is how we will get the best results for YOU so you can love where you live. We’d love to hear about your dreams. Call us at 207-838-1651 or send an email to [email protected] to discuss what’s next for you.


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