The developers of the former South Portland Shipyard will hold an online community meeting Dec. 8 to hear public feedback on the Yard South project.

PK Realty Management, which purchased the land in 2018 for $7.7 million, has announced no definite plan for the site between Ferry Village and Bug Light Park, but company officials told the Portland Press Herald they likely will seek zoning changes so housing can be included in what is now a commercial and light industrial zone.

PK Realty is coordinating with sustainability consultant One Planet, based in the United Kingdom. On Wednesday, One Planet hosted a fully booked online community meeting and has scheduled another for next week.

“The goal is to bring people up to speed on what we’re doing and to listen for concerns and hopes and input,” said Jennifer Packard, principal of PK Realty Management.

Each meeting is limited to 25 participants in an effort to create a conversational atmosphere,  she said.

Six community outreach meetings have been held so far and more are planned for the future to bring the community up to speed on the Yard South project and garner residents’ input.

“We’ll probably make mistakes, as anyone does. But we feel incredibly fortunate to have this opportunity and we’d like to be wise in how we develop the property,” Packard said in an interview with the Portland Press Herald.

Packard told The Forecaster that, while the process may seem monotonous, their work with One Planet and the community is important.

To learn more about the Dec. 8 meeting, future meetings, and how to attend, email [email protected]

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