Matthews is one of South Portland’s unsung heroes

To the editor,

South Portland is fortunate to have many unsung heroes, and Richard (“Dickie”) Matthews is no exception. After 15 years on the South Portland School Board and 12 years as the chair, Dick has stepped down from his post – but not from his commitment to this community.

Most folks who have lived here a while know Dick and recognize his contribution. He has been a strong advocate for public education and whether you always agree with him (I don’t, but I still love him), you cannot challenge his dedication to the children of this city.

Although his race for the city council was not a total victory (this time), he has made a mark and, in my view, that was a win. His strong showing in the race, including winning the district in which he was running (District 3), demonstrated that South Portland has more than one view of things.

Many of you may know that Dick is recovering from a recent surgery, and yet he has still remained in contact and as active as possible. He is an incredible example of the type of person we want representing us–not someone who disappears soon after their term is over, but someone who remains active and involved, whether in an elected position or not.

I thank Dick for his years of service to South Portland, and I thank his family for their willingness to share Dick with all of us throughout the years. He is a true gem. I know he will continue his involvement in many years to come; it is just who he is.

Rosemarie De Angelis

South Portland

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