Re: Jim Fossel’s Dec. 26 column (“Biden falls short on vow of unity”):

While I disagree with Mr. Fossel almost all of the time, I have come to at least expect intelligent opinions from him. This time, he pushed intelligence aside, blaming Joe Biden for not being able to “garner much Republican support for his proposals.” In reality, Mr. Biden’s years of experience and friendships on both sides of the aisle will never help as long as most Republicans fear Donald Trump and are willing to push his lies about winning the election rather than face his reprisals (as those who voted for his impeachment are discovering).

Biden has gone to great lengths to win over Sen. Joe Manchin, cutting many vital and important projects to get his support. Manchin, however, is willing to throw over his own constituents rather than lose the support of the coal industry. It’s sad to see the whole country pay the price for the fear and egos of a few so-called “public servants.”

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