Many people picture their “seasoned” years spent at home. But the fact is, as winter delivers snow and ice to make maintenance and travel all that more difficult, more southern Maine residents conclude that aging in place makes little sense for their financial, physical and even emotional health.

It is always a tough process to move out of a family home, but we have worked with several clients who have made the decision to move into a retirement community and the results have always been happy. Gracious retirement living is a great option for people who are looking to downsize, create security for their futures and become part of a community. A few people we know have joined the Sable Lodge Retirement Community and having spent some time there, Julia and I now have it on our minds as a place we could move to in the coming years.

We love where we live, and Sable Lodge has the same location, lifestyle and community spirit that keep us here. It’s all-inclusive and so nice—spacious apartments, laundry in unit, great food, movie theater, banking, housekeeping and medical alert systems. But more importantly, there are friends you haven’t met yet who live here. You can walk down the hall, not drive across town, to meet them for dinner. A packed community calendar provides something fun and interesting to do every day.

If you are thinking about your next big steps, Julia and I would love to talk to you about how to downsize your home and upgrade your lifestyle. Call us at 207-838-1521 or email [email protected]

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