You have a background in theater and acting. How do you feel that experience helps you in the real estate industry? Acting is a lifelong lesson in how to be your authentic self in front of an audience, while also telling someone else’s story in a truthful way. I have found that my clients appreciate my authenticity in this business and the creativity that comes from my level of comfort in front of the camera. A lot of agents call me the “video guy” and I love that.

Chris Davis, Realtor® with REAL Broker

What do you feel is your greatest strength as a real estate agent?

I have worked hard to grow my personal brand, so I can leverage my network to bring my clients a successful transaction. I am very active on all social media platforms, I create multiple videos a week, and I love networking with other agents in my market. Some people think this is a competitive business, but I have found an incredible community of brokers. We all want to see each other succeed, regardless of affiliation.

You live in Falmouth. What do you love about it?

I grew up here and feel grateful to be able to raise my two daughters here. I appreciate the abundance of public land we have access to, so we can hike, run, snowshoe, and bike. I love Mackworth Island and Town Landing for a taste of the shoreline. The community has always been strong and when my daughters enter elementary school, I am excited to have them involved in all the great extracurricular activities the town has to offer. You recently changed agencies.

What is REAL Broker?

REAL Broker is a North American real estate agency that just opened in Maine in April. What I love about this industry is that it constantly allows us to create a new way
of doing business. With access to the best technologies, media training, and agent education, REAL will allow to me to serve my clients in a better way. The industry has changed so much, so quickly. Personal brand has become the #1 focus for agents, while agency affiliation is all about the technology package. I often say, when Tom Brady went to Tampa, we still loved Tom, because his brand is so strong. I’m not the GOAT, but I’m still me, doing what I love… now at REAL.

What’s your advice for buyers and sellers in this very competitive market?

Buyers: Be flexible and find your moment in the market to go for it.

Sellers: Now is an incredible time to think about listing. Rates are rising, buyers are rushing to get ahead of this trend, and they will pay top dollar for your property.


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