In reaction to a letter from L. White in Freeport about Abdi Iftin’s column (“Iftin should further explore solutions to gun violence,” June 23).

White chides Iftin for “not going deeper to solve gun violence.”

Iftin correctly believes that violence should be discussed in the family. The family is the place the prevention of violence should first be taught.

A family that wants to teach against violence would not allow children to watch “Terminator,” much less allow them to be “infatuated” with it.

The buzzword used nowadays is “gun” violence. In the U.K., where the common citizen has no access to firearms, the problem is “knife” violence.

It is not remotely possible for a government to eliminate knives, so any so-called knife bans are an effort doomed to fail.


What does a good defense lawyer do when defending a client who has been arrested for a felony while in possession of a firearm? He plea bargains away the firearms charge to accept a sentence on a reduced criminal charge. This happens every day.

Since Cain killed Abel, the problem has not been the weapon but the evil human heart. There is no mention of the murder weapon in the Scripture, is there?

The weapon is not the problem.

John Uminski