Great day for South Portland seniors

To the editor,

Thank you, Trey Stewart, for helping to keep South Portland seniors in their homes.

South Portland’s budget has swollen due to labor negotiations with city staff, increased personnel for sustainability, non-English speaking student support in our schools and crushing inflation. The city has passed those costs onto its citizens through increasing the tax burden.

The result has been one of desperation for many. These things seldom effect the idle rich or the idle poor. It does effect those on modest fixed incomes and the working class. Trey Stewart is a Republican from Aroostook County that brought this forth to the legislature to achieve this. This will be ensuring that our South Portland seniors are truly able to stay in their homes in their golden years.

South Portland seniors tax bill will freeze and not go higher as long as the senior applies by Dec. 1 each year. This is a great day for the senior citizens of South Portland.

Jim Hoy

South Portland

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