Generosity of community is ‘amazing’

To the editor,

In 2014, the Waterhouse Center opened to welcome skaters for the first time. When Merton Brown and I heard there were concerns about children not having skates, or having skates too small, we decided to ask the community for skate donations to see if a swap or sale was feasible.

As it turned out, the response was more than we had hoped for, so we began our adventure.

We just had our 11th and most successful Skate Swap yet. The generosity of this community is amazing and we would like to thank everyone who made this possible.

First and foremost, a huge thank you to the Tommy McNamara Charitable Foundation for the very generous donation to help grow our inventory, the folks and families that donated skates and the much welcomed hot chocolate, coffee, hand warmers, face painting and more from Meg at Academy Mortgage, Erin at Coldwell Banker and Jes from Black Point Title.

This is a year-round project and we appreciate everyone that makes it happen.

Linda Johnson, community events coordinator


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