Participation sought for town’s climate survey

To the editor,

This is to follow up on the Post’s recent article about the town of Kennebunk’s Climate Action Task Force.

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Whatever one’s views may be on what’s causing the climate to change, the evidence is clear: Changing it is. And our town’s elected officials have recognized the need to address it.

In creating the Climate Action Task Force with its objective of formulating a Climate Action Plan, Kennebunk has joined the growing list of Maine towns and cities (including Kennebunkport, Biddeford, Kittery, York and Portland-South Portland) that have already begun the same process. As the article indicated, the first step in forming an action plan is to get input from townspeople about their specific concerns and ideas about climate change. Hence, the brief survey that can be found on the town’s official website: or directly, at .

It is hoped that responses will come from a wide range of residents (geographic location within the town, age group, etc.) so that the plan that is ultimately created is as comprehensive and equitable as possible.


If you have a friend, a family member, neighbor, or anyone else in your life that does not have access to the internet, paper copies of the survey are available at the Kennebunk Free Library, Kennebunk Town Hall, HB Provisions, and Cummings’ Market.

There is a deadline for submission – May 22 – so don’t delay.

Join your neighbors and help with this community effort by filling out the survey today.

Tom Berry


Rubber-stamp approach harms all


To the editor,

Most households today are watching their budgets – spending wisely to weather the pain of inflation, rising heating costs and feeding their family.

In this municipal budget cycle that notion was tossed. A staggering 23 percent increase in spending centered on more bodies, higher wages, and enormous capital expenditures was the course of action by our select board.

Rather than stage these expenses over multiple budget cycles while the town’s borrowing costs subside, and the national economic environment settles – this group opted for full speed ahead.

At the conclusion of the budget process a request by the budget board was made to reconsider the spending. It was ignored. I know – because I sit on the budget board and made the request.

When coupled with the increased school funding on the table, property owners in Kennebunk are looking at a $1.25 to $1.75 tax increase per thousand in property value. about $50 to $75 per month.


In a community that embraces diversity, equity, and inclusion, the latter two have fallen through the cracks with this budget. Elderly will not be able to sustain this increase (the state cap on taxes for the elderly is a temporary, unsustainable program according to most in Augusta) and younger families will struggle to be able to afford to move here or to stay.

There are better ways to provide service to this community. A multi-year perspective, out-sourcing, regional coverage, and serious look at need vs. want would be a good start. The rubber-stamp approach taken will harm us all.

Call on this board to abandon this uncontrolled spending and reconsider their service to the entire community – young, old, and in between. I am voting no on both budget proposals, and I encourage you to do the same.

Richard Morin


Candidate is ‘serious about listening’


To the editor,

I’m writing to endorse Susan Holleran, the RSU 21 School Board candidate from Kennebunkport, in our election coming up on June 13.

I met Susan early on in her campaign, and I can tell you she’s exactly the type of candidate we want on our school board. Why? She has two elementary-age kids in our public schools, so she’ll offer a parent’s perspective. She’s a taxpayer here and a single parent and is keenly interested in balancing the financial needs of the district with the needs of the students, teachers, administration and communities. And perhaps most important, she’s serious about listening to all perspectives and points of view. She has a lot of experience in doing just that.

Susan leads US business communications for Mercer, a global consulting firm in health, retirement, investments and talent. Working from home she advises Mercer’s senior leaders on communicating to 6,000-plus Mercer employees.

Prior to Mercer, Susan led a leadership program on environment, social and corporate governance issues at the International Finance Corporation, which is the private sector arm of the World Bank Group. Traveling across the globe from Nigeria to Madagascar to Vietnam to India and Uruguay, she helped formulate policy by gathering input from a broad range of constituents.

Susan is curious about the world we live in and wants to make it a better place, especially for the students in RSU 21. Her academic credentials include two master’s degrees. I hope you’ll join me in voting for Susan Holleran for RSU 21 School Board representative from Kennebunkport.

Tom McClain


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