With the bordering Wal-Marts in New Hampshire, there are 27 Wal-Marts within a 150-mile radius of Westbrook, Maine. Our priority should be on preserving Maine-owned businesses and our quality of life not making Wal-Mart shopping more convenient. Let’s not ruin our beautiful state. We don’t have some of the advantages of other locations (mild climate, low taxes) but we do have, until we go totally down the road of sprawling big box and chain stores, some neighborhoods left, historic downtowns and locally owned businesses. Please, Westbrook, wake up; you have more now than you will with a Wal-Mart. The quaint communities of Maine will continue to have the higher property values and the quality of life that people want for their families. Maine can and should grow, but let’s be smart about it.

Eileen Whynot


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