The rezoning of the Saunders Brothers mill from Industrial to Gateway Commercial to clear the way for Wal-Mart to possibly come to Westbrook (favors)


In favor, but not specifically for Wal-Mart. You could look in terms of a small mall with not a lot of bright lights to light up the night sky. It does not have to be a big box.

The additional site plan restrictions that limit the size of buildings in the Gateway zone developed by the Planning Board and approved by the City Council in response to the Saunders zone change (favors)


I think the planning board did a fine job of defining the Gateway Zone. They did their homework and came up with a plan that we can live with. I believe it was fair and equitable.

Pay-as-you-throw trash pickup and curbside recycling (favors)


I think that pay-as-you-throw is a great way to encourage folks to recycle better than they already do. What we really need to aim for is keeping the tonnage down.

The city purchasing land on Saco Street to market it as the Westbrook Heights Business Park (favors)


I believe we are talking about 40 acres of land. The City was able to secure a grant for $900,000 to bring the sewer up to the Heights. This is really great news for the people who want to develop in the Heights.

How would you have voted on this year’s school budget?

_____In favor _______opposed


I cannot say that I was in favor or opposed because as an average citizen I was not privy to all the information that I would need to make an informed decision. Having said that I would support a good quality education which is economically priced.

The potential redevelopment of Saccarappa Park as a combination commercial building/public park

___X__In favor _______opposed


I would like to see all the building done on the Main St. side and green space behind with no obstructed view of the river. Redevelopment is a must on the West end of Main St.

The City Council’s recent decision to add $150,000 to a capital improvement bond for playground improvements and the Westbrook Food Pantry

_____In favor _______opposed


This capital improvement bond calls for $50,000 for the Westbrook Food Pantry and $100,000 for capital improvements to playgrounds. This bond was put together willy nilly. There needs to be an ordinance that states, no additions or deletions unless it goes to committee..

Please give us your comments on the following subjects:

Paper streets have been a major source of contention in the city recently. How would you have dealt with residents’ complaints about old paper streets being used for development?

I think site planning and all aspects of it should go through the City. There is an old saying in real estate: If you buy a piece of property for the view, you better buy the view. Folks, you have to realize that the view is valuable.

How would you settle the dispute between the city and the two local businessmen who purchased the old Cumberland Mills police station?

It is up to Mr. Gore and Mr. Mazzone to live up to this agreement or buy the city out. This building should be producing tax revenue.

What can be done to help lower Westbrook property taxes?

What we need is a careful balance of residential construction vs. industrial development. I think we should have a forum with leaders from the city, (Disability Reinsurance Management Services) and Sappi, with the city taking the lead. They need to discuss the best way to create economic development.

What do you want to see done to improve parking in the city?

The parking committee has hired the consulting firm of Gorrill & Palmer and the use of public infrastructure so that we can maximize that infrastructure for the business community.

Please comment on any other issues of importance to you.

The enormous amount of traffic that goes through our city. I feel like we are the hub of a wheel and all the traffic needs to flow down each spoke to the hub in order to fine a way out.

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