Over the years, Westbrook-based Idexx Laboratories has developed the following products:

1986 – HerdChek Pseudorabies Virus antibody test kits – This test is used to detect Aujesky’s disease in baby pigs that can result in fever, breathing difficulties, anorexia, vomiting, trembling and depression.

1991 – Parvo Antigen Test – This test detects the Parvo virus in dogs in less than ten minutes with easy-to-interpret results.

1993 – FIV/FeLV Test – A blood test for cats and kittens that checks for both feline immunodeficiency virus and feline leukemia, diseases that are prevalent in most cats.

1999 – FlockChek avian influenza antibody test kit – This test offers veterinarians a tool for detecting bird flu in both wild and domestic birds.

2001 – Canine SNAP 3Dx – A dog heartworm blood test that provides results in eight minutes.

2002 – LaserCyte hematology analyzer – this allows veterinarians to test blood to provide complete profiles, including platelet counts and complete red and white blood cell profiles, with results available in minutes.

2003 – Navigator Antiprotozoal Oral Paste – This paste has been successfully tested on over 500 horses in safely and efficiently killing the deadly parasitic infection Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis.

2004 – SNAP Giardia – This test allows for quick, easy, and inexpensive detection of the gastrointestinal disease, giardia, which infects most mammals.

2004 – Bovine Spongiform Enchephalopathy test – A test for mad cow disease.

2005 – VetTest quality control panel – The analyzer provides greater accuracy of test results using dry-slide technology, which minimizes the effects of interfering substances.

Source: Idexx.com

-Chart compiled by Catherine Martin

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