Have you ever seen a piece of trash lying on the sidewalk and thought that it’s not going to do any harm? Why bother to pick it up? The answer is; if you don’t pick it up, it will eventually go to a source of water like the Presumpscot River. When it rains, pieces of trash, pet waste, fertilizer, and other things are washed away into the river.

During the summer, for example, some teenagers jump off the Westbrook Black Bridge into the water. It’s a way to have fun and cool off. These same teenagers may become sick from the pollutants that are found in the river. Any little thing that you pick up and throw away in a trashcan will help the Presumpscot River to become a better place where your kids can swim. People should be aware that using too much fertilizer for their lawns and not cleaning up their dog’s waste is harmful to the river. With a little more effort it will be safer to swim, and it will help the environment.

There used to be sewer pipes draining directly into the river, and factories used to dump waste into the river as well. People weren’t aware of the damage that was happening to the river. We’ve done so well cleaning the Presumpscot River; why not take the extra steps to make it even better? Please remember, every little thing helps.

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