I am a Pine Point resident and senior in Scarborough, and this Nov. 7, I’m voting for Councilor Shawn Babine for the Maine House of Representatives.

I share Shawn’s vision that is driven by a common cause for change. Shawn’s energy, commitment to community and his vision represents what has been the successes of our past and where there is hope for our future. During his six years of service on the Scarbrough School Board and town council, Shawn has been a conscientious listener to the people he serves, an advocate for the children and seniors of Scarborough, a fair and balanced legislator and a wonderful community leader.

Scarborough can be assured that in voting for Shawn for Maine House we will have a leader that represents all of Scarborough. With Shawn, we can be assured that at each legislative meeting he will enter the discussion in Augusta not as a Democrat or as a Republican, but he will engage his colleagues as an independent voice for Scarborough. This is the type of leader we need in Augusta.

As our state representative, Shawn will lend his experience as a corporate banker, a Scarborough leader, and as a father, husband and caretaker to help move Maine forward. Join me this November and vote for Shawn for Maine House.

Judy Shirk

6 Avenue Three


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