Hello Windham,

I am not sitting in the middle of a lake writing this time, but rather sitting at home behind my desk. As I look out my window, it occurred to me that we had just purchased eight loads of sand and crushed gravel to fix our road and driveway. Now, I ask myself, where did that come from? Well, I know it was delivered by a company in dump trucks, but where it came from prior to that I have no idea, but I certainly appreciated the delivery and the ability to purchase this much-needed material as our road and driveway were in great need of repair. If these companies were not here, where would I get this sand and gravel from?

The mineral extraction ordinance as rewritten, to be voted on by the townspeople of Windham on Nov. 7, is flawed to say the least. I realize the existing ordinance also needs work, as so obviously did others. Perhaps that was the reason the Priority Task Force for Windham’s future was organized and has been meeting since April 2006 to rewrite and fix some of Windham’s zoning and ordinances.

I will not speculate as to the reason a new ordinance was written prior to this task force having the opportunity to review and/or rewrite it. However, I would like to caution the voters of Windham to carefully read the ordinance as written and the one to be voted on. There are some very major differences which will impact our sand and gravel companies if the new ordinance is voted in, making it difficult for them to continue their business as it is today.

The answer to this dilemma was then – and obviously is now, as well – to work together as I have seen Windham do so many times before and vote no to the proposed language in this new ordinance. We should let the task force, in conjunction with the business owners, do the job we have not been given the opportunity to do.

There is no quick fix to the ordinance issues Windham faces today because we did not fix them yesterday. However we need to work together and not against each other. Wars are created when the people involved are divided and choose not to work together but instead go down their own paths ending in destruction.

On Nov. 7, I will be voting against the language change for the mineral extraction ordinance. There is a better way. So, here is to working together for the best of Windham’s future as a team instead of individuals.

Carol A. Waig


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