A temporary restraining order granted to the city of Westbrook against a resident has been dissolved by Cumberland County Superior Court.

The city had sought the restraining order against Arthur Facteau, 45, of Seavey Street, by filing a civil injunction against him in Superior Court last month.

Police Chief Bill Baker had called the civil injunction a “creative and non-traditional” use of the law. Baker said the city sought the injunction as it investigated allegations against Facteau.

Facteau has not been charged with any crime.

Baker said this week the civil case for a restraining order remains in Superior Court, but the temporary restraining order was dissolved. The court had requested more evidence against Facteau to uphold the restraining order, but wishing instead to proceed with a criminal case, the city decided to hold off until the evidence against Facteau is brought to a grand jury.

The temporary order granted Oct. 3, which would normally be secured through the district court, came after Facteau had been taking pictures near a Westbrook bus stop. Facteau and his neighbors said they were attempting to get pictures of the license plates of cars passing stopped school buses. Prior to the incident, beginning some time in September, Facteau had been under investigation by the Westbrook Police Department regarding an unrelated incident.

If the city had moved forward with the civil case in Superior Court, Facteau would likely have had to testify, but would not be entitled to a court-appointed attorney because the restraining order wasn’t a criminal charge.

“It’s not in his interest to testify,” Baker said.

In interviews for a previous story, Facteau and several of his neighbors said he was being harassed by police. Neighbors said Facteau is well known and trusted by neighbors.

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