I want to commend you for publishing your excellent article about El-Fadel Arbab and the situation in Darfur. It must be very difficult for Mr. Arbab to tell his story and relive some of the horrors he experienced as a young boy. I am at least twice his age, yet he has already seen a lifetime of fear, violence, chaos and misery. I applaud his committment to helping his people by raising the public’s awareness of the Darfur genocide.
Since the Holocaust, world leaders have vowed “Never again will we remain silent in the face of genocide.” Yet, the world witnessed the genocides in Cambodia, Iraq, Bosnia, Kosova, Rwanda, and now Darfur without taking swift and appropriate action.
“Never again” remains a testament of America’s and the world’s can-do spirit, yet the government and Janjaweed militia of Sudan are permitted to continue their slaughter of innocent people in Darfur, not because they had broken any laws or committed any crimes but simply because of who they are.
We must do more to break the silence and act in a responsible way. We must take action and tell world leaders to act now. By lobbying and writing letters to members of Congress, President Obama and his administration, and to the United Nations, we can help to build the political power needed to end this conflict. Tell leaders that the world is watching, and tell them we must take action now. The people of Darfur have waited long enough.

Denis Netto

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