I am writing this letter to urge the citizens of South Portland to get out and vote on June 9, 2009, for the referendum on our school’s operating budget and the bond initiative which will address health and safety issues, ADA compliance, and the updating of mechanical and electrical systems to bring our two middle schools and high school up to code. This funding will address much needed repairs to the physical structure of the buildings, such as electrical capacity, fire alarms, emergency exits, sprinkler systems, and building security.

Providing good schools is key to maintaining good property values in the city and strengthening our community. Even more important, our children deserve to attend schools that meet their basic health and safety needs so that they can focus on learning.

Voting will take place June 9 at the South Portland Community Center. Absentee ballots are available at South Portland City Hall.

Please do the right thing by our children and our community and vote for the referendum on June 9!

Janice Rogers

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