I had to read it twice to believe it: “We’ve got to send all those liberal Democrats to the unemployment line. It’s time they stop digging in our pockets and we start digging in theirs.” (“LePage conducts whistle-stop tour along midcoast,” July 25.) Is this the philosophy that we want guiding Maine’s future?

I am an unemployed Maine Democrat hoping that I can find a professional job to replace the one I lost through downsizing in Maine’s fragile economy. LePage can try digging in my pocket, but he will be sorely disappointed.

I have been impressed by Eliot Cutler’s thoughtful, realistic approach to leading Maine. His plan for economic development is to lower the cost of living and doing business in Maine, focusing first on the costs of electricity and health care, which touch us all.

He wants to invest in the future of Maine through increased access to higher education and vocational training, while improving efficiency and reducing the cost of government.

Cutler has political credentials that bring unique, international experience to Maine. He has been on the forefront of developing and implementing energy policy in the U.S. for more than three decades.

Working for the White House, he was charged with prioritizing federal spending on energy, agriculture and environmental programs. He is a business leader with international contacts, as evidence by his recent sponsorship of a Chinese export mission to Maine’s lobster and blueberry industries.

We are fortunate that he is willing to take on leadership of our state.

If you want to join me on the unemployment line and allow Paul LePage to pick your pocket, then by all means throw your support his way. But I am pinning my hopes on Eliot Cutler.

Colleen Coxe


I am 86. When I turned 30, I went into a deep depression; at 40, deeper. At 50, when I was a teacher sitting in the teachers’ room at Lincoln School, I said to myself: “Why, I’m starting my second life.” I said it, meant it and haven’t changed my mind once since.

I may forget Paul LePage’s face, but I will not forget his remarks about Libby Mitchell being 70 and “we should send her home” from the race for governor. What an ignorant remark.

I didn’t run for a county commission seat two years ago for my fifth term because I wanted to stay home and take care of my husband, Marty. He died very soon after. If the election for my seat were now, I would be running against the present commissioner.

I would have to make new signs as I gave Gary Plummer all of my original signs.

There are only two issues to consider age for any responsibility. One is health, not durability, and the second is the ability to think logically.

Esther Clenott


For the people who are jaded, disappointed and disgusted with politics today, i.e. “play the game to get along, do what it takes to get elected again, ignore your principles,” do I have a candidate for you!

Paul Le-Page is not a politician; he is not looking for self-aggrandizement. He is a statesman, in the governor’s race to do the responsible thing and restore fiscal sanity and integrity to government in the state of Maine.

If you care about Maine’s future, I suggest you visit Paul LePage’s website, LePage2010.com.

Check out his education, his vision for Maine, his mayoral leadership in Waterville, his practical executive experience at Marden’s stores, his fiscal ideas for saving Maine’s economy, and more.

You won’t be sorry!

Rose Marie Russell


As a business owner, a parent and an avid outdoorsman, I am deeply concerned that the political landscape in this state has become mired in party politics, rhetoric and the unwillingness to accept the consequences of our past actions.

This has led to a decline in our ability to produce goods, compete globally, offer superior education, and manage our resources.

So where do we go from here?

This fall we will be electing a new governor here in Maine. Both parties have caved to their core constituents and nominated candidates who are far from the center of where most of the rest of us reside politically.

Neither of these candidates inspires me, or makes me feel confident about our future.

I want to get excited about a candidate. I’m tired of having to choose between the lesser of two bad options.

I want a candidate who tells the truth, and doesn’t worry how it will sound on the 6 o’clock news. I want a candidate who is willing to raise the bar for themselves and their fellow citizens.

I want a candidate who truly understands that he works for me, and at my pleasure. I want a candidate who is not a professional politician that is beholding to any party except the citizens who elected him.

It’s time to be inspired.

It’s time to abandon party politics. It’s time for us to rally around an independent candidate who can give us the straight talk that is needed and offer realistic and tough solutions.

Eliot Cutler is that candidate, and this November I will be voting for him to be our next governor.

Darrell S. Pardy


Reading the local newspapers and watching the news reports regarding the Maine governor’s race, it appears that the typical mudslinging has begun. It seems more like recess in the schoolyard than a mature, organized approach to putting forth one’s ideas to solve the serious issues our next leader must face.

Standing apart from the fray is a candidate who has risen from very humble beginnings to become a true Maine success story.

His name is Shawn Moody and his message is pretty straightforward. The partisan bickering of the past has got us into the mess we’re in today. The only way out is for the people of Maine to join together and send a clear message to our elected officials: “Enough is enough!”

It’s time for the average Mainer to get involved. We need to run the state like a successful business. We cannot keep spending more than we take in.

Shawn Moody knows how to run a successful business while providing good jobs with excellent benefits for his co-workers.

But more importantly, Shawn is a natural leader with the ability to inspire others to do great things. There is no one person who can step into the position of governor on Day 1 and take on all of Maine’s challenges on his own.

A truly great governor will attract a team of the best people from all walks of life who will restore Maine to greatness.

That great governor will be Shawn Moody.

Paul T. Gore


I am writing in response to the article dated July 25, “LePage conducts whistle-stop tour along midcoast.” I am thankful that Mr. LePage has shared his thinking, or lack there of, with the voters.

He is quoted as having said “We’ve got to send all those liberal Democrats to the unemployment line” and “it’s time they stop digging in our pockets and we start digging in theirs.”

Such quotes, from an individual who wishes to lead the people are not just concerning but frankly show a total lack of gubernatorial class. Why would anyone wish that more than half the voters and taxpayers in Maine be unemployed? And with the liberal Democrats being unemployed, how much money does Mr. LePage think will be in their pockets?

We need a governor that will represent all the people in Maine, not just a few. Mr. LePage’s comments are extraordinarily inappropriate, offensive and show profound ignorance. God help us if he is out next governor.

Please stick to selling gadgets, Mr. LePage, for we do not need the likes of you destroying the fabric of our fine state.

Dean Staffieri