The Press Herald’s opinion section publishes 15-20 guest opinion pieces, or op-eds, every single week. Anybody who has a point of view about something can submit an opinion piece for publication. We are especially eager to hear from people who have yet to contribute. What are we looking for?

A good opinion piece:

– is between 550 and 750 words in length (if you feel you have a point that can be made in 250 words or fewer, consider writing a letter to the editor).

– makes a clear argument, states a clear point of view. One good way of anchoring your argument is to begin by writing a headline that summarizes your point. What is it you are about to say?

– includes references – better again, hyperlinks! – to support facts or information used in the argument.

– is timely, often referring to something in the news or reflecting on an emerging trend.


– has a local focus; this is the Press Herald’s bread and butter. (With that said, we regularly publish opinion writing on broad subjects: climate change, national politics, geopolitics, etc.)

– makes use of the writer’s voice, personal experience or knowledge.

The opinion section does not accept: open letters, arts reviews, verse, pieces that have been published by other outlets or pieces submitted anonymously.

To submit a draft for consideration, email

Please include your telephone number, home address and a line or two for “about the author.” We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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