Normally I wouldn’t comment on things like this, but after watching New England Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady’s interview about why he’s in camp even while his contract is being negotiated, I was compelled to write.

Every professional athlete, regardless of the sport, can take a lesson from this man.

His dedication to the sport is more important to him than waiting out the signing of his multimillion-dollar contract. He’s in camp, putting in his time, getting the practice he needs for the upcoming season that begins tonight with an exhibition game against the New Orleans Saints. He’s not acting like a spoiled prima donna who thinks his absence makes the negotiating process move along faster.

Children look up to athletes and learn that playing sports can garner not only fame but fortune. Unfortunately they’re also learning that you can sell yourself to the highest bidder and, as a recent incident on ESPN showed, make a spectacle of it.

I always considered Tom Brady a good quarterback, skilled and disciplined. I now have a newfound admiration for Tom Brady, the man. It took a man to take the stand he did. I can only hope that our children, and those just getting in to professional sports, take his lead and put the love of their sport — and their integrity — above all else.

Loretta Dumond


‘Timmy the Tea Partier’ knows what’s going on

The foolish rant about “Timmy the Tea Partier” by Matthew Anthony in the Aug. 3 Press Herald is another stark portrayal of the level of ignorance that liberals have about the tea party movement in this country.

In the typical liberal condescending tone, Anthony arrogantly dismisses the real concerns of millions of Americans who either belong to or agree with the philosophy of the tea party movement. Anthony clearly has no idea what the ideology of this movement is really about, and probably never will if, like most liberals, he continues to get all his news from MSNBC, ABC and CBS.

Liberals like Anthony whined incessantly during the Bush presidency, but that of course was just “exercising their right to free speech.” Now the baby has its bottle of Obama, and liberals expect everyone to shut up and drink the Obama Kool-Aid, simply because Obama and the other left-wing ideologues say so. Otherwise, you’re racist and stupid.

Liberals occasionally need to be reminded that political studies consistently show that they represent only 20 percent or less of the people in this country, while conservatives represent 40 percent, and the other 40 percent consider themselves political independents.

Despite their minority status in terms of political ideology, liberals apparently believe their liberal arts degrees qualify them as the intellectual elite, and they need to show the rest of us what is best.

Since the rest of us basically think they’re crazy and won’t listen to them, they always use the government and the courts to force their great plans on the unwashed masses.

So Mr. Anthony can insult and belittle “Timmy the Tea Partier” and the millions of people in the tea party movement who have a different political ideology than his, but I suspect it will be “Marxist Matt” who will be crying in his espresso come November.

Dave Johnson


This letter is in response to Matthew Anthony’s letter about “Timmy the Tea Partier.”

Ted the Taxpayer is fed up with the government and even more so with Fred the Freeloader. Ted is scared that his water supply from Sebago Lake is becoming contaminated because Fred and his friends leave nasty things at beaches and in the water.

Ted knows his tax dollars were wasted on granite curbs for sidewalks. Ted realizes that the money government has comes from people who work.

Ted believes that it is time that those who use public services pay for them. He looks at all the school buses and wonders if that is why so many children are obese. Ted was happy walking to school.

When Ted showers, he is furious that his water and sewer bill will once again increase.

But Ted is happy when he thinks of his daughter off at college because Ted and his wife planned for their child’s future in order that she attend a college of her choice, which is a highly rated private institution.

Ted is worried about what will happen when the time comes for him and his wife to retire.

Rather than relying on Social Security and Medicare, they have saved for their future and know that the golden years will not depend on the government taking more money from those entering the work force.

Ted’s blood pressure skyrockets when he drives on local roads and sees their state of disrepair. He pays state and federal fuel taxes along with an excise tax on two vehicles, and yet the roads are in terrible shape. He wonders where the money goes.

He wonders why in Windham there are ambulances, fire trucks and public works trucks at banks and stores.

Ted really explodes when he sees Fred the Freeloader buy a $4 can of Red Bull with his EBT card. He decides it’s time to join the tea party movement and becomes good friends with Timmy the Tea Partier.

Lane Hiltunen


Portland Trails backs rail as well as walkers, bikers

The Portland Press Herald’s recent article, “Rail trail funding quest stirs controversy” and a subsequent editorial are both inaccurate and unfair.

What staff writer Tom Bell’s original article failed to mention was that the grant proposal we had written was for the planning and development of a rail bridge — for use by passenger rail — that would also accommodate a trail.

That is the concept that the Portland Area Comprehensive Transportation System committee approved. We were actively and enthusiastically seeking a bridge solution that would work for both — like we see in so many other areas of the country.

Instead, your paper has painted us as anti-rail. That is simply untrue. You based your conclusions on an incomplete set of facts.

Nan Cumming

Executive Director, Portland Trails


Celebrate celebrities doing worthwhile stuff

I am writing in response to the article, “Patrick Dempsey ups ante for Maine Cancer Challenge” (Aug. 4). Too often, celebrities are splashed across the media for their wrongdoing.

For weeks, the news of Lindsay Lohan’s impending jail time and subsequent release to a rehabilitation center (after only serving a portion of the time in actual prison) has been the hot topic for media outlets.

Take again the weeks we heard about Tiger Woods and the “did he or didn’t he” speculation surrounding his infidelity and his wife’s reaction. I don’t know of many wives who may not have had a similar reaction, albeit not in the public eye.

Probably most infamous of recent history, who can forget Britney Spears’ massive mental breakdown and the consequent head shaving and SUV umbrella attacks?

It seems this country is obsessed with catching celebrities in the act of breaking the law, or making some very human mistakes of the type that many people fall into. Let’s face it, were we in these situations ourselves, we wouldn’t come out looking much better.

Where are more stories like this one? Where is Britney in the media now that she’s taking a break and focusing on being a mother?

I think we should give celebs the same amount of attention and follow-up for the times they get caught doing something wonderful.

I applaud Patrick Dempsey for his efforts in the fight against cancer, and that he’s bringing it back to his roots here in Maine nonetheless.

Thank you for sharing this aspect of the celebrity-watching hobby relished these days.

Melissa Palumbo



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