I was surprised that tea party activist Andrew Ian Dodge merited a major article in The Forecaster.

What does he have to offer the state of Maine besides sassy quotes and a belligerent manner?

Dodge’s stance as a libertarian is facilitated, it seems, by significant financial and housing support from his family. Put bluntly, it doesn’t seem he has to work, unlike the vast majority of Mainers.

Perhaps I should not be surprised as media darling Christine O’ Donnell, Delaware’s senatorial candidate, possessed similar “credentials” – a sassy attitude and no real job. In fact, O’ Donnell made media creation Sarah Palin look like Ralph Waldo Emerson. Call me old-fashioned, but I believe that candidates for national office should possess real substance, real experience and real solution to real problems – not just glib quotes for a media all too eager to feed an unthinking populace.

David Treadwell