The “Home Port Cookbook: Beloved Recipes from Martha’s Vineyard” by Will Holtham (Lyons Press, $19.95) is a collection of mouthwatering seafood recipes from the former owner of the restaurant.

Home Port has been a Martha’s Vineyard institution since 1931, playing host to tourists and celebrities alike, from James Cagney to John Belushi.

The food runs the gamut from lobster-stuffed deviled eggs to steamed whole sea bass. Holtham shares the recipes for the restaurant’s famous quahog chowder and broiled swordfish, as well as the popular key lime pie (which, unfortunately, calls for green food coloring).

What makes this book fun is all of the celebrity stories and endorsements. Home Port has been known over the years for protecting its celebrity clientele from autograph hounds, so lots of famous folk dine there. Holtham tells stories of serving Paul Newman, the Kennedys and Walter Cronkite.

James Taylor, who bought his first electric guitar with the money he earned working at Home Port 40 years ago, provides an introduction, as does Michael J. Fox.