I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to the parents, students, community members, and local businesses that so willingly and enthusiastically supported the Falmouth schools in significant ways last week.

The Falmouth Education Foundation sponsored its sixth annual Spelling Bee. Elizabeth Klebe and her executive board, as well as other volunteers, again ran an event that was fun for all who participated as well as entertaining for those in the audience. To see teams of local bankers, college alumni groups, student sports and drama teams, librarians, teachers, and others attempt to spell increasingly difficult words to raise money for the schools and other community groups were amazing. Thousands of dollars were raised from the sponsors of the contestants.

Last weekend, the Plummer-Motz and Lunt Farewell Festival took place. Using the theme, “Saying Goodbye to Our Grand Old Schools,” Erin Cadigan, PTO president, and a whole host of volunteers who assisted her created an event designed to bring together our current students, parents, teachers, and alumni of all ages to enjoy a parade, meals, entertainment, a silent auction, tours of the schools, and other commemorative activities. It was a true coming together of the community, with many local businesses offering to be sponsors of monetary and in-kind donations.

To both of these organizations and volunteers, job well done. To the community and local businesses, thank you for being such active participants in the life of your schools. It makes a world of difference.

Barbara Powers, superintendent
Falmouth School Department