The brief bio in last week’s edition did not paint a complete or entirely accurate picture.

My partner is named Dick Sanford, not David. My daughter attended Yarmouth schools for seven years and graduated from Yarmouth High School. The nonprofit program I have been running teaches healthy relationship and communication skills to 9,000 high school students across Maine. It has been taught at Yarmouth High School for the past three years. I did not start the summer programs at North Yarmouth Academy. I created the first Archaeology Camp on Main Street, in part to build a stronger connection between NYA and the community by celebrating their mutual pride in the town’s history.

I worked for nine years as an administrator in Maine schools. I served as a guardian ad litem in the Portland courts for abused children for almost 10 years. My early career as an international business publisher taught me about finance, clear communication and proving that women have an important perspective.

Leslie Hyde