PORTLAND — A six-car pileup on Tukey’s Bridge snarled northbound traffic on Interstate 295 for more than an hour and a half this afternoon, said a Maine State Police trooper.

Only one person — 78-year-old Peggy Latulippe of Quebec — was hospitalized as a result of the accident, said Trooper George Loder. He said she suffered a leg injury that was not life-threatening.

Vehicles were backed up from the Falmouth line to the crest of Tukey’s Bridge, when a Chevrolet SUV towing a pop-up camper collided with a car at the end of the line of traffic. That caused a chain of four collisions in front of the Chevrolet, which was rear-ended at the same time, Loder said.

Latulippe was a passenger in the Chevrolet.

The accident happened about 1:15 p.m. It occurred in a construction zone, where the highway is open only to two lanes of traffic. Loder said that meant other cars couldn’t pass until the scene was cleared, which took longer than usual because of the construction.

“Overall, it wasn’t serious,” Loder said, considering only one person was injured. But, he said, “it turned out to be a bit of a mess.”

The accident was the second of the day on Tukey’s Bridge. A taxi driver drove into the construction zone and hit the supervisor about 1:10 a.m.