According to its introduction, “Farmstead Chef” by John Ivanko and Lisa Kivirist, owners of Inn Serendipity Bed and Breakfast in Wisconsin, is “the first cookbook to capture the return to our nation’s farmstead roots of independence, self-sufficiency and frugality, blended with the spice of modern living and a passion for transforming our planet.”

Well, not exactly. There are plenty of “Look at me, I’m an eco-hip farmer, and here’s my recipes” books out there these days. “Farmstead Chef” (New Society Publishers, $19.95) is Ivanki and Kivirist’s version. The couple packed an amazing number of recipes into a 245-page book that also includes cooking tips and essays on topics from raising eggs to the benefits of fermenting food. There are also profiles of farmers and food artisans from around the country.

There’s a healthy number of vegan and vegetarian offerings here, but you’ll also find Italian sausage risotto, New Orleans seafood gumbo, and Cornucopia Beer and Cheese Soup, which won the innkeepers third place at the Wisconsin State Fair.


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