To the editor:

On Nov. 9, 2007, the Times Record published an opinion piece by PeaceWorks member Rosalie Paul sporting the title “Allow Bush to Attack Iran? No!”

It is truly fascinating to me how foolish and ignorant the political left can be to the point where they collectively bring the world to the brink of millions being incinerated all in the name of “peace.”

The commentary did its typical Bush- Cheney bashing. However all the angry bashing only points out how accurate President Bush and Vice President Cheney were in assessing Iran as a long-term threat.

Today, with current events and hindsight, the former president and vice president were absolutely correct in their assessment of the danger looming in Iran.

Today, the world is faced with a second looming Holocaust, thanks to our anti- Israel president and leftist group “think.”

Our world has become increasingly dangerous under leadership of Barrack Obama and the Democratic Party, to perhaps to a point of no return. North Korea, Iran (and its subsidiary terrorist groups worldwide) Russia and Venezuela have all become extremely more aggressive and emboldened under the dithering of our highest office.

The Arab spring is not what many think. The White House has told you that the Muslim Brotherhood is just a secular movement. The truth is it is radical Islam.

In direct contrast to reality, Obama said recently in a speech at the Pentagon, “The tide of war is receding” for the United Sates, thereby justifying massive cuts to our military. He then said, “And we have restored America’s global leadership. That makes us safer and it makes us stronger.”

I pray to almighty God that our country or Israel not see millions perish because of Obama’s leftist delusional behavior.

Edward A. Tharp,

[email protected]