To the editor:

I was sitting down after supper reading I newspaper when I read a story about a wife and husband.

They both work. The husband has health insurance. They have one child who is on MaineCare.

We taxpayers are paying for this. Why can’t they put their son on the father’s insurance?

My mother had seven children. She worked every day and never asked for anything.

My father paid little child support. My mother had health insurance on all of us and worked every day. She had too much pride to ask for a free handout.

All of us children were taught to work for what we want in life, and we did. We all graduated from high school, and two went to college, paid for by working.

My poor mother is retired now, but she worked until last year at 75 years old.

So you people who want a free ride of us taxpayers should get a job and have a little pride. I can see the sick and elderly receiving government help, but younger people are bleeding the working people.

Smarten up and get off welfare. Get a job. Maybe you will know what it is to be a working citizen of the state of Maine. God bless America.

Robie Davis,

[email protected]