Recently in the mail I received a solicitation from the National Pro-Life Alliance. It informed me that the only U.S. Senate candidate from Maine who is 100 percent pro-life is Scott D’Amboise. It also stated that none of the other candidates responded to their candidate surveys.

Therefore, it surprised me that next to the name Bruce Poliquin was an asterisk annotating “Both in his past public comments and in his comments on the survey, Mr. Poliquin stated that he believes the federal government should not protect the unborn from abortion.”

Poliquin has stated during every speech and every debate that he is “100 percent unequivocally pro-life.” Knowing his value of the unborn, I contacted his campaign to notify them of the absolutely inaccurate and uninformed mailing.

The Poliquin campaign has contacted the National Pro-Life Alliance, which verified the statement was incorrect, and was promised a return call, which never arrived. Therefore, a correction or redaction is probably not going to take place. The kicker is that after knowingly lying about Bruce Poliquin, the National Pro-Life Alliance had the audacity to request a donation to help “carry on our fight for the unborn.”

Bruce Poliquin has been endorsed by Concerned Women for America, a very prestigious and difficult endorsement to receive.

Carol Kemmerer


Cynthia Dill endorsed and questioned by voters

I will vote for Cynthia Dill because she is a working mother trying to stay active and make a difference. It is that simple.

She brings with her the experience of being a learner, a parent, an attorney, a community college instructor, a town council member, a state representative and currently a senator. She has logged well over 12,000 miles on her car in the past months driving all over the state of Maine to understand what constituents are looking for and what they need in a national representative.

I am confident that in voting for Cynthia Dill, I will have my needs as a working-class mother and Maine citizen represented. There are millions of us like her. As mothers, we are constantly juggling the needs of healthy home, healthy children and healthy relationships. Those relationships cross the lines of private and public spheres on a daily basis.

Who better to represent us and the needs of our children and our communities than Cynthia Dill? I am confident that Cynthia will make decisions based on the needs of her constituents, understanding how her decisions impact our state and ultimately our personal well-being.

I hope that mothers and fathers of Maine will join me in voting for Cynthia Dill on June 12.

Theresa Swinbourne

South Portland

My senior citizen neighbor and I attended a meeting at town hall of Cape Elizabeth a few years ago where Cynthia Dill proposed a new tax on services. She averred that the state treasury would benefit from a more predictable stream of revenue and avoid the business cycle.

But when asked how this would benefit the fixed-income senior citizen, she answered with generalities.

In fact, the retiree would suffer an additional burden with a tax on car and home repairs as well as theater tickets (ski tickets were fortuitously exempt). Fortunately, a citizen initiative was organized and the tax repealed.

She has strongly supported the new affordable health care law in her campaign for the U.S. Senate, but it is becoming less affordable. Our Medicare premiums will double in January 2013. As one can see, this is inflicted after the election. Why would any senior vote for Ms. Dill?

Nick Pappas

Cape Elizabeth

Summers has shown he can bridge divides and lead

I’m writing to endorse Charlie Summers for the Republican nomination to the U.S. Senate. I have known Charlie since 2004. I have always found him to be thoughtful, calm, reasonable and willing to work with everyone. Charlie is anything but a political hack.

Add to this his work while deployed to Iraq. There he had to bring together different political, ethnic and religious factions critical to turning the future of Iraq around and laying the groundwork of a fledgling democracy. His work in Iraq demonstrates his attitude and ability to reach across divides to promote the common good, something we are in dire need of in Washington.

In short, Charlie Summers is the candidate for the U.S. Senate who demonstrates the ideals we have come to expect in our senators. He has the ability to carry on the work of many of our recent senators, from Margaret Chase Smith to George Mitchell to William Cohen to Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe.

Let’s vote to end the gridlock in Washington by nominating Charlie Summers for the U.S. Senate.

William Chapman


Shaughnessy would serve Portland well in Augusta

Malory Shaughnessy will be a great representative for District 115 and all of Portland. Ms. Shaughnessy’s career has been one of outstanding service to the people of this area, dating back to her days working for U.S. Rep. Tom Andrews.

More recently, her service as a Cumberland County commissioner helped the county take on projects appropriate to its regional status — such as the regional crime lab.

I have known Ms. Shaughnessy for nearly 10 years through her work with the Bayside Neighborhood Association here in Portland. She has always put people’s needs first and worked hard as a visible advocate for the issues she has championed.

She is an outstanding listener. She knows how to get to the core of a problem and work creatively to solve it. More of our legislators should have those attributes.

Malory has shown respect for taxpayers’ dollars as well as respect for the issues important to the people she serves.

She is a unique combination of wisdom and imagination, with a big dollop of friendliness and accessibility thrown in. Democratic voters in District 115 would be well served to make her their choice in the upcoming primary on June 12.

Steve Hirshon


Schneider’s service to U.S. wins him vote in primary

I will be voting for Bill Schneider for our next U.S. senator.

Bill is a decorated veteran in the Army’s Special Forces (Green Berets). He worked for our country in legal matters after 9/11, and is currently Maine’s attorney general.

That’s why I will be voting for Bill Schneider on June 12.

Ken Scribner