When Attorney General Bill Schneider announced his Republican candidacy for U.S. Senate, I was thrilled.

I met Bill several years ago when we started a town committee here in Durham. His kind smile and powerful presence were an inspiration. He encouraged me to work as part of a team and that we can make a difference in our own backyard. I learned over time about his convictions and credentials.

Bill has a love of country and our great outdoors here in Maine. He graduated from West Point, earning many commendations in the Army, including a Special Forces tab, Ranger tab and Senior Airborne Wings and the Meritorious Service Medal.

After a service-connected injury, he kept on accomplishing on two wheels what many of us make excuses about on two legs. Bill is an incredible role model to our young people in Maine on what you can do. He even farms and raises alpacas.

He graduated from law school, served as Maine’s assistant attorney general, received commendations for his work against drug traffickers in Maine and served two terms as a state representative.

After the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the United States, Bill was recruited to serve as the federal anti-terrorism coordinator in the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Maine. Most recently he was elected to serve on the Guantanamo Review Task Force.

The first thing he did as Maine’s attorney general in the LePage administration is protect our constitutional rights by joining the legal challenge to Obamacare.  

There is no other candidate who could represent Maine like Bill Schneider. Foreign policy, support of our military and our manufacturing base and his strong conservative positions distinguish him as a leader. I am proud to ask for your support and vote for Bill.

Elizabeth Liscomb


Let Rochelo continue hard work in Augusta

On June 12, the clear vote for House District 136 is incumbent Rep. Megan Rochelo. With the experience of her freshman year under her belt, Rochelo is well suited to continue the hard work of the Democrats in Augusta.

During Rochelo’s first term, she fought against budget cuts that will impact seniors and children, our most vulnerable constituents. She helped pass legislation that would have expired without a change in law, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax revenue for Biddeford.

Her experience in Augusta is valuable and will be used to Biddeford’s advantage. Beyond being a great advocate for people of all walks of life in Biddeford, she is an upstanding citizen, donating countless hours of volunteer time for our downtown’s revitalization.

I know Megan as a peer and a friend and feel fortunate to have her doing the hard work for us in Augusta. Please re-elect Rochelo on June 12.

Tammy Ackerman


Courtney brings years of business experience

Our clear choice for the U.S. House is Jon Courtney. A native of Maine, Jon owns Courtney Cleaners, with locations in Sanford, Kennebunk and Portsmouth. From his experience, Jon knows that owners, not the government, should be the ones running businesses.

Apart from his business, Jon also has much experience in government. Serving as both Senate assistant minority leader and Senate majority leader in the Maine Legislature, Jon has time and again proven himself able to work across the aisle on issues vital to Maine’s interests.

For instance, with bipartisan support, he helped pass the largest tax cut in Maine history. He also chaired the Regulatory Reform and Fairness Committee, which simplified and clarified regulations while protecting Maine’s beloved environment. Jon also has led efforts to clean up government fraud in multiple ways, for example, reforming the accountability system at the Maine State Housing Authority.

Jon Courtney will not succumb to the pressure of special interests that claims so many other congressmen, but will instead look out for the interests of Maine on Capitol Hill.

Joan Nass

state representative, District 144


Jean Couturier can fix New Gloucester budget

Voters of New Gloucester, a request: Please vote on Tuesday for Jean Couturier for selectman.

In my opinion, Jean is putting forth the most complete plan of how to solve the budget problems to come. An accountant, he understands we can no longer take money from the undesignated fund — basically, your money saved for a rainy day. (And I don’t mean this week’s weather.)

And unlike the others, it appears he has a plan on how to increase revenue by increasing business and jobs south of the Oxford casino and other areas.

If we continue to deplete this fund, we will have to raise property taxes. Raise taxes? Jean and I have spoken a number of times on this, and as our selectman, his reasoned plan will avoid this erosion of New Gloucester’s financial stability.

Others running offer no plan or tired platitudes of boilerplate, with a future of continued downward spending of the rainy day fund, instead of a pay-as-you-go plan of increasing jobs and revenue.

This is a great opportunity for New Gloucester.

David Hilton

New Gloucester

Poliquin ready to take on challenges in Washington

Forget the formalities and titles when meeting Bruce Poliquin — he wants to be called “Bruce.” He respectfully reminds one that he “works for us.”

Bruce promised fiscal prudency when he became treasurer of the state of Maine. We, the taxpayers, have taken notice. He not only “talks the talk,” he “walks the walk.”

Bruce Poliquin has set a standard of excellence as state treasurer. Washington needs an educated, qualified economist and a proven leader in the U.S. Senate. Let’s elect Poliquin in the June 12 primary.

Pauline Civiello