If you’re wondering what to do with all that kale you’re growing in your garden this year, master gardener Sharon Hanna has some ideas for you in “The Book of Kale: The Easy-to-Grow Superfood” (Harbour Publishing, $26.95).

Hanna includes plenty of gardening tips, but also more than 80 recipes such as kale, salmon and potato cakes and kale-and-ricotta lasagna. You’ll learn about its nutritional value – it’s an excellent source of vitamin C and calcium, for example – but also about its supposed mystical powers and the “kail fairies” who blessed Irish farmers by throwing the plant’s curly leaves around their crops.

The recipes are creative, putting kale in just about everything, from scones to chutneys. Particularly interesting is the kale gomasio, a kind of salt subsitute that is a mixture of pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, flaked dried kale, kosher salt, seaweed and dried orange or lemon zest.