Route 1 no place for sandwich boards

Having read Duke Harrington’s recent article, “Sandwich boards cut in Scarborough” (Current, 7-26-12), I can only wish Joe Palmieri the best of luck when he moves his local establishment, Chicago Dogs, to South Portland. When Mr. Palmieri complains about “A dumb little ordinance” he seems to mock the sensibility of a simple ruling established by the town to protect the safety and zoning standards of Scarborough. Sandwich boards, typically indicate daily specials, current sales, or a welcome to passers-by. They were never meant to be a ‘Billboard Advertisement’ on a main thoroughfare such as Route 1 in Scarborough. Hopefully, Mr. Palmieri will be able to find a location suitable for placing sandwich boards, intended for the recognition by foot traffic, somewhere in South Portland, rather than the thoroughfare which he decided to obtain his current business in Scarborough. That, Mr. Palmieri, may be the “common sense” you are seeking.

Scott Adams


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