PORTLAND — Registration is now open for GrowSmart Maine’s Summit 2012 to be held on Oct. 23 at the Augusta Civic Center.

Visit growsmartmaine.org/summit to sign up for a full day of inspiring ideas and stimulating discussion about ongoing efforts to improve Maine’s economy, revitalize downtowns, and conserve working and natural landscapes.

According to a news release, the summit will feature the release of an updated “Charting Maine’s Future,” originally published by GrowSmart Maine and the Brookings Institution in 2006. “Charting Maine’s Future — Making Headway” will show Maine’s progress toward sustainable prosperity, assess where the state is now, and offer a revised action plan to move Maine toward what has been described as “our own unique kind of prosperity.”

Attendees will hear from two keynote speakers. Bruce Katz, a vice president at the Brookings Institute, will address the current economy and how Maine communities can help themselves flourish in these challenging economic times. Evan Richert, of Richert Planning and town planner of Orono, will address changes that have occurred in Maine since 2006 and how Maine can best invest for the next generation of workers and homeowners.

Members of GrowSmart Maine and students will be able to register for the summit at a reduced rate. To become a member of GrowSmart Maine, visit growsmartmaine.org/membership.

For more information, visit www.growsmartmaine.org/su mmit.

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