To the Editor:

The voters of Maine face an unfortunate repeat of the electoral quandary in the last gubernatorial election. In the race for Olympia Snowe’s seat, there will competition between Angus King and Cynthia Dill for the majority of voters, as happened with Elliot Cutler and Libby Mitchell.

Both Dill and King are excellent candidates. I have great respect for Cynthia Dill and think she would be a fine senator. Unfortunately, I don’t believe she can win the election. It’s possible, maybe even likely, King will carry the majority of the vote.

However, there is a risk that votes for Dill will siphon off enough support from Mr. King to elect the candidate with minority, and in many cases, extreme positions. We’ve seen how badly that scenario turned out after the last gubernatorial election and can’t afford to make that mistake again.

I urge you to support Angus King for senator. Let’s hope that in 2014 the majority of Maine voters will be able to support a single candidate for governor.

James Peavey