To the Editor:

I first got to know Jeremy Saxton as a teenager when he worked summers and after school in the family business, the Dolphin Marina and Restaurant.

In the late 1990s, I was running for a selectman’s seat in Harpswell, a race I subsequently won. That was the beginning of ongoing discussions with Jeremy relative to challenges facing local governments and elected officials. He was and is very interested in local and state issues that affect families and businesses.

Jeremy is very open-minded, very willing to listen and to discuss the pros and cons of any issue. He is pragmatic, well-informed, and as our representative will make decisions based on what is best not only for those of us in District 64, but for the state as a whole.

Jeremy’s opponent voted the Republican Party line, which would take away the rights of many segments of our society, including the right of women to make their own health care decisions, the right of the people to register to vote on Election Day, and the right of those needing health care insurance.

She supported the governor’s budget, which cuts social programs like Head Start, an essential program for children; as well as deep cuts in education funding, causing greater deficits in local budgets and forcing reductions in the number of teachers, services and programs.

It is extremely important for each of us to vote. It is extremely important to vote for Jeremy Saxton if we want our state to move forward not backwards. It is extremely important to support the needs of all Maine people.

I am certain that Jeremy will act in a thoughtful, bipartisan manner addressing those needs. He is the best candidate to represent us in Maine’s House of Representatives.

Katherine Chatterjee