The biggest automobile segment in the North American market is still that of the full-size pickup, a category in which GM has not been very aggressive lately. But after a bit of corporate reorganization, the time has come for GM to introduce a new generation of pick-ups, sold under the Silverado moniker for Chevrolet and the Sierra tag for GMC.

The all-new duo hits the roads with a totally redesigned body, new technologies, and a much-needed restyled interior. Both are now available with a much more powerful V-6 engine with direct fuel injection. This base-model powerplant delivers more power than the previous V-8, all while yielding better fuel economy. There are new V-8s in the GMC Sierra catalogue, of course, including a popular 5.3-liter direct injection version that pumps out some 355 horsepower and a potent 6.2-liter version, also with direct injection, and good for 420 horsepower. All come with a sixspeed automatic transmission and rearwheel drive or optional four-wheel drive on command. And all Sierras now show better towing capabilities!


MODEL: Sierra
Full-sized pick-up
WEIGHT: 4,699 lbs. to
5,699 lbs. (approximately) LENGTH: 206” to 239”
4.3 L; V-6; 285 hp / 5.3
L; V-8; 355 hp / 6.2 L; V-
8; 420 hp
6-speed automatic

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