For many years, Japanese automaker Toyota has been offering what it considers to be a real full-sized sedan to North American buyers. Though it ran on the platform of the legendary Camry, the Avalon was a bigger car designed to attract loyal sedan buyers who patronized the competition. Despite its best efforts, however, something seemed to be missing.

Consequently, Toyota’s designers literally went back to the drawing board and came up with an all-new Avalon. This time, the car was completely designed at Toyota’s California studios to have a body and lines that reflect much more effectively typical North American tastes. The result is a new design that looks much more like a true all- American sedan with little Asian influence.

The all-new Avalon is available with a powerful but economical V-6 engine and front-wheel drive, but the hybrid version is a hot ticket. The luxuriously appointed interior can still accommodate five passengers, while the trunk is big enough for all their needs.


BRAND: Toyota
MODEL: Avalon
Full-sized sedan
WEIGHT: 1,598 kg
LENGTH: 495.8 cm
ENGINE: 3.5 L; V-6; 268
hp / 2.5 L; electric
motor L-4; 200 hp
6-speed / CVT automatic

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