During this time of politically charged extremism at the state and national level, it is comforting to have a leader at the local level whose decisions, actions and demeanor speak to confidence, collaboration, accountability and understanding while providing a clear and consistent message of economic stability, the importance of educational opportunity and leading us on a path for future growth. This leader is Mayor Colleen Hilton.

In this era of ongoing fiscal crisis, while other communities in Maine such as Westbrook have found it difficult to maintain even the most basic services needed to provide a safe, secure and prospering community, Mayor Hilton has provided the sensible, balanced and measured approach to governing that has made Westbrook not only an attractive place to call home, but also a welcoming community to do business.

Business growth is on the rise. Idexx has laid its corporate foundation in place. Sigco, a metal and glass fabricator currently in Westbrook, is expanding their specialty manufacturing processes here, and recently Schlotterbeck and Foss has announced moving their headquarters and production facility here to Westbrook. Husson University is laying ground in Westbrook as well. Mayor Hilton’s leadership and vision for our city has led to Westbrook being distinguished as one of a few communities in Maine to be certified by the DECD as a “business friendly community”.

Despite a governor’s budget which significantly reduced municipal revenue sharing and gutted the circuit breaker program which shifted a heavier burden onto the local taxpayer, Mayor Hilton brought in a responsible budget for this fiscal year that actually reduced property taxes in Westbrook and at the same time ensured that our city continued to move forward in the areas of education, environmental improvement, ongoing infrastructure improvements and the health, safety and wellbeing o! f our community as a whole..

Along with her mayoral duties, Colleen is a mother, a grandmother and the CEO of a large southern Maine home health agency, VNA. Her ability to prioritize and manage multiple responsibilities with clear focus, attention to detail and direction speak volumes about her leadership capabilities, which have been tested and proven over the past four years.

Tim Driscoll


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