MAR. 21-APR. 20
It’s never too late to get
healthy, Aries. Find time
for some exercise and
replace some calorie-laden
foods with fruits and vegetables. You will appreciate
having an extra hop in
your step.

APR 21-MAY 21
Taurus, a week of passion and romance awaits
you and your special someone. Everything you do
draws the attention of others. So make it work to
your advantage.

MAY 22-JUN. 21
Gemini, it can be challenging to get your head
wrapped around certain
tasks. Somehow you will
manage to pull everything
together and get everything accomplished.

JUN. 22-JUL. 22
Cancer, maintain your
focus in the coming week
no matter how difficult
that proves to be. Personal
concerns may have you
reeling, but your heightened focus will serve you

JUL. 23-AUG. 23
Leo, you may have something on your mind, but now
is not the time to share such
concerns. Do your best to
solve a problem on your own,
but rely on the advice of others if need be.

AUG. 24-SEPT. 22
Virgo, do your best to avoid
being let down by the negative attitudes of others.
Friends or coworkers may
just be in a bad mood, but
that does not mean you need
to be.

SEPT. 23-OCT. 23
Libra, a little extra concentration will find you tackling
your workload with time to
spare. Commit your time
now and enjoy the time to
take things slow later in the

OCT. 24-NOV. 22
Scorpio, signficant
changes are afoot and you
are not quite sure how to prioritize your goals. Enjoy the
change, but make use of
down time to reestablish
your priorities.

NOV. 23-DEC. 21
Sagittarius, though a

pressing issue in your relationship may seem like it
needs immediate attention,
you have a lot of time to
work through any issues.

DEC. 22-JAN. 20
Capricorn, your normally
conservative approach won’t
work this week. You have to
take a couple of chances, or
you won’t accomplish much
of anything.

JAN. 21-FEB. 18
Aquarius, you have only a
few days to learn some new
procedures at work. It is natural to feel nervous, but put
aside those feelings and concentrate on the tasks at hand.

FEB. 19-MAR. 20
Pisces, don’t worry too
much about an upcoming
change around the office.
You’re in position to benefit
from some restructuring.


Nov. 24: Billy Connolly, actor,
71; Nov. 25: Billy Burke,
actor, 47; Nov. 26: Natasha
Bedingfield, singer, 32; Nov.
27: Brooke Langton, actress,
43; Nov. 28: Ed Harris, actor,
63; Nov. 29: Diego Boneta,
actor, 23; Nov. 30: Kaley
Cuoco, actress, 28.