Eventful week in The Borough of 04074. Plane lands in the middle of 295 up the street. High school basketball tryouts. Thanksgiving, the nice holiday of the year coming up (in a town filled with people, most of whom have a hard time being thankful that they have food, since they always have).

Here goes:

Scarborough Solo

Study just came out that says Americans prefer to drive alone in vehicles rather than have passengers. Never mind carpooling! Data is from Census Bureau’s American Community Survey. 76 percent of people drive to work alone. Guzzle guzzle guzzle.

Kindergarten Soccer

Five years ago, a group of Travel Soccer families traveled to Kittery to play a game. Fourth graders. Thirteen kids on the team, 24 vehicles made the trip! (Almost two vehicles per player!)

Imagine, John

The older I get, the more I like Beatles songs featuring John Lennon on lead vocals. There aren’t that many. I just played “Across the Universe” 20 times in a row. Haunting, in a sort of nice way… Hard cheddar cheese to McCartney’s sweet Munster.

E-Cigarettes Seriously, Dude?

A car has been parked on and off this fall near a local high school that features “E Cigarette” ads on it. The school finally evicted it. Turns out the vehicle was owned by a family with a kid at the school. Is it OK for me to assume that the parents of the kid, who sell these devices for a living, wanted to “advertise” their product to high school kids there? Wow. What is this the l960s? That’s chutzpah.

As Years Go By

The SHS boys soccer team won the state Class A soccer title this fall. Tenth one. First one was l973, 40 years ago. Long time! Fascinating to hear guys from the l973 team who saw the latest SHS title game at Bath. One said, “I think 5 to 7 of our 11 starters from back then would start on a team if you combined the two teams. But not all of them. Some of these kids now are faster, and have stronger legs.” The most-talked about virtue from 1973? “Some of our guys you just better not get in their way.”

Stevie Wonder and God

Stevie Wonder, musical hero to those who lived through the l970s and 80s, is doing a new album. His deceased mother was a gospel fan. “I might do a gospel song in Arabic, or Hebrew.” The Internet went crazy. Reports had him singing songs to Allah, etc. “It’s not about (formal) religion,” he said. “It’s about (your) relationship” with God. “Check your relationship.” Nicely executed – putting zealots in their place.

Our time is up. Happy Thanksgiving. Please pass the humility, and take some gratitude and pass the rest down the line.

Dan Warren lives in Scarborough. His email address is: [email protected].

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