I must admit that, for a multitude of reasons, Gov. LePage has had me scratching my head, over and over, throughout his gubernatorial term.

However, a recent article on him (“LePage renews effort to target Maine welfare fraud,” Dec. 18) had me rubbing my chin instead. I’m actually in agreement with him regarding making some Maine citizens accountable if they apply for welfare assistance.

Also, I agree with his wanting to ban purchases of lotto tickets, alcohol and tobacco products with (in part) my hard-earned tax money. I believe this bill will help stretch the much-needed, yet limited welfare dollars to those who truly, sincerely need them most.

Gov. LePage’s attempt to curb welfare fraud deserves support from Republicans and my fellow Democrats alike. I beseech the Maine Legislature to support it likewise, and to understand that it is possible to open our minds without closing our hearts.

Joe Vokey



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