L.D. 1734, a bill to create a cold case unit in the Maine State Police, is a very important issue in Maine, not only for the victims, but also for their survivors.

And beyond them, it is about justice. The fact that there may be some in our state who have killed and have not been brought to justice is not only a travesty of justice, but is also unacceptable for all of us as a society.

We ask the Legislature to do everything possible to explore ways – and, if needed, reallocate funds already allocated for other positions, projects or other funds – to support L.D. 1734. Sometimes it’s not a dollars-and-cents thing, but is just the right thing to do. We believe that this is one of those times. This is the right time to fund this bill.

This is the second time this legislation has been taken up by the Maine Legislature – 13 years since it was last passed. We believe that now is the time to bring it to fruition and give Maine justice.

We cannot turn away from the fact that lives have been taken, families torn apart, the guilty remain free and justice has not been accomplished for all – including the communities and the state.

We ask our state representatives and senators to do all that they can to find the needed funds to pass L.D. 1734. We would also request that our governor, the Hon. Paul LePage, to direct his office to do the same reallocation of funds if possible. Do the right thing!

Patrick Day


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