Your story on global warming was terrific (“Global warming report warns of climate disruption in Maine, New England,” May 7).

Maine may not be experiencing floods, droughts or tornadoes, but our good fortune must not blind us to the fact that we’re still experiencing the insidious impacts of climate change. These impacts will get much worse if we don’t take immediate and substantial steps to adopt renewable forms of energy.

Here are a few of my suggestions for action:

Pressure Sens. Susan Collins and Angus King to help the U.S. kick its fossil fuel addiction by supporting the president in a veto of the Keystone Pipeline, preventing the shipment of U.S. coal to Asia and phasing out all oil exploration, whether off our coasts or on Bureau of Land Management land.

Help them understand why we need a carbon tax or its equivalent. And tell them not to tie our actions to a reciprocal response from China for fear that the U.S. will be at a competitive disadvantage.

 Don’t re-elect Gov. LePage. He is the single biggest impediment to renewable energy in Maine.

Vote only for legislators who promise to adjust the state’s timetable for a more rapid adoption of renewable energy and support incentives for home energy systems that aren’t fossil fuel-based.

Become active in an organization such as the Sierra Club, the Natural Resources Council of Maine or

Install solar panels for your home now – before the federal tax credit disappears. They’re affordable and reliable, and the money saved on monthly bills can pay off the loan for the system.

Don’t purchase a truck or a SUV unless it’s really needed for work. The gas mileage is terrible, and the safety benefits a myth.

Divest your holdings in fossil fuel companies. If you own mutual funds, you’re most likely supporting them unwittingly.

Joe Hardy




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