I write with great disappointment and distress at the recent changes you have made in the Sunday paper. I have been a faithful subscriber for almost 20 years, the entire time I have lived in this fair state.

I strongly object to your having taken a number of the features I buy the Sunday paper for and have diminished them and placed them in an almost impossible location in the paper. These include the antiques column; all the puzzles: Premier and New York Times Crosswords, Jumble, Word Sleuth, Sudoku, Cryptoquip and Celebrity Crossword; the bridge column; the horoscope column, and “Dear Abby.”

Why on earth have these been placed in such an obscure and totally unrelated section of the paper as the real estate section? It boggles the mind. And I especially resent that you have moved the antiques column. It’s one of the first things I read each week, as I am a collector.

On one recent Sunday, I almost didn’t even find these, buried back in Section H. Sure, they are “announced” on the front page of this section, but you fail to mention that there are two parts to this section. I had already thrown away the second part, which is where these items turned out to be, and had to dig it back out of the recycling when I didn’t find them in the first part.

And why did these things get moved? To create this huge new section called “Source”? While I agree that this covers some interesting and useful topics, I don’t believe that it should take up such a large part of the paper, especially to the detriment of the above-mentioned items.

I hope to see this situation rectified soon. Thank you for addressing my concerns. I imagine I am not alone in these feelings.

Louise Harding