I wonder if Julie McDonald-Smith was as outraged by the actions of the Bush-Cheney administration as she is by the supposed lawlessness of President Obama? It would almost be laughable, were it not so serious, to vilify a president who implemented a system that allows millions of Americans to have access to health care for the first time in their lives, but not to mention the one who caused the deaths or ruination of many hundreds of thousands of people via an illegal, immoral and unnecessary war in Iraq. Who is more guilty of “injuries done immediately to the society itself”?

Her column is so filled with factual errors and innuendo that it is amazing that The Forecaster allows her space to spew her venom. Just to pick one example: We are not now all under the VA system of health care, as she claims. The VA system is not the same as the Affordable Care Act. And it is only a very small percentage of Americans who are even under that, as most people continue to be insured through their employers, or are on Medicare. And by the way, the ACA is now the law of the land, found constitutional by the Supreme Court.

Nancy O’Hagan