Our U.S. Congress has had as low as a single-digit approval rating over the past year. However, in the upcoming elections, most of us will still vote our own congressional members back in. Statistics prove this.

But when this happens, the message our Congress gets is: “You and your colleagues may be unable to run this country by working with others, but we’ll send you back anyway.”

How about if, regardless of party affiliation, we voted for someone else? Imagine the message would that send to Congress: “If you can’t work together with others, your job will be history!”

Imagine how an entirely new Congress would feel about its position and its compelling need to work together.

Why is it that our senators and congressional representatives can’t come to some agreement on immigration, discrimination, voting rights, reproductive rights, religion and belief, women’s rights, unemployment and jobs, health care, the decline in real income, the federal deficit, climate change, taxes, guns, terrorism, national defense spending . . .?

If you had a company with employees unable to work together, what would you do? Fire da bums!

Jack Savona


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