There seems to be a certain herd mentality when it comes to some local union endorsements of Sen. Susan Collins. It is easy to understand because Sen. Collins is perceived as working hard to bring jobs to the area, as any politician would do.

But Sen. Collins’ record is adversarial to the cause of the wage earner.

She actively participated in more than a few gridlock-inducing filibusters of proposals and appointments friendly to wage earners, including filibustering the appointment of Craig Becker, a proven friend of labor, to the National Labor Relations Board.

She has consistently sided with management on labor issues.

She voted “no” on raising the minimum wage, affordable health care, equal pay and making the tax code fairer to the middle class.

It’s time wage earners broke from the herd and voted for a truly labor-friendly candidate, whom we have in Democrat Shenna Bellows.

Fred Nehring