Protect South Portland, the community group that worked to prevent tar sands from coming to South Portland, has officially endorsed Claude Morgan, Patti Smith, and Brad Fox for City Council this fall.

These candidates have demonstrated their support of the work the current City Council has accomplished with the passage of a clear skies ordinance that prevents tar sands from being exported from South Portland.

Morgan is running for District 1, Smith is seeking her third term in District 2 and Fox is running for the District 5 seat.

Morgan has previously served a term on the City Council, including holding the post of mayor. During his time as mayor he signed the Kyoto Protocol to commit the city to move toward greener practices and to make South Portland a healthier, more sustainable city. Morgan has also told Protect South Portland members that the clear skies ordinance has his full support.

Smith is a veteran city councilor and past mayor. She is completing her second term, her sixth year of service, this fall. She is running for re-election with excitement about the direction South Portland is headed.

Smith has consistently been a strong advocate for residents of the city and fully supported the development and adoption of the clear skies ordinance. Smith has also reiterated her support for continuing to make the city a better place for all residents to live.

Fox is running for office for the first time. He is well known in the South Portland School Department as a substitute teacher. He has great excitement about representing the diverse neighborhood he lives in. He is running to promote the health and well being of the city and is against tar sands. He also supports the clear skies ordinance and stated he will continue to support it during his time in office.

Protect South Portland,

Citizen’s advocacy group

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